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Fast and easy sharing across your social networks

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Cross Post is the fastest way to share what's on your mind to Facebook, Twitter, and Write your post, add photos if you wish, and send. Cross Post does the rest.


Share From Other Apps

Share photos, links, and text from other apps using the Cross Post share extension. And unlike other sharing options, Cross Post lets you send your post, photos and all, to different social sites at the same time. Sharing across social sites has never been so easy.

You're In Control

With Cross Post you control where your posts go with a simple tap. Tap the social site icon to turn it on. Tap it again to turn it off. No need to use hashtags or recipes or other integration services. You control where your post goes.

Distraction Free Status Updates

How many times has this happened to you? You open Facebook or Twitter to post a quick update. Next thing you know you’re scrolling through a stream of posts from others. Your quick post ended up consuming a few more minutes of your life.

Cross Post eliminates the distractions of social networks by letting you do one thing and one thing only, post a new status. The temptation to read your news feed is gone because Cross Post never displays it. You open Cross Post, send your post, then go about your day without losing valuable time.

Post and Go

There's no waiting when you use Cross Post. Once you tap send you can starting writing your next post, leave the app, or even put your phone away. Cross Post continues working for you until the job is done.

Share Photos Without Those Ugly Links

Cross Post sends your photos directly to the social networks you select. Your post look as if it came from the site’s official app, and your followers no longer need to use those ugly links to third party sites to view your photos. Instead they see the photos right in your post as it is meant to be.

Want to share a set of photos to Twitter and Facebook at the same time while giving your followers the best viewing experience? You can with Cross Post.

Try For Free

Cross Post is free to download and use, but it has limits. You can post to only one social network site at a time using the free version. This gives you a chance to try out Cross Post without spending a cent. If you decide Cross Post is right for you and you want to post to multiple social sites at the same time, then unlock everything the app has to offer for just $2.99.

What are you waiting for? Try Cross Post now for free.

Sharing From Any App

Watch how easy it is to share a photo to Facebook and Twitter at the same time from any app.

Key Benefits

  • Share From Other Apps
  • You're In Control
  • Distraction Free Status Updates
  • Post and Go
  • Share Photos Without Those Ugly Links
  • Try For Free

Need Help?

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