Killink CSV Editor

Easiest Way to Edit CSV and Delimited Text Files

Killink CSV Editor has been retired and licenses are no longer available for purchase. Looking for an alternative? Give Ron's Editor a try.

For Existing Killink CSV Editor Customers Only: Check out this special offer from Ron's Editor.


The Easy to Use CSV Editor

Working with comma and tab delimited text files is not always an enjoyable experience especially when all you have is a standard text editor. Data looks scattered, almost random like. What you need is a way to view, edit, and print your delimited text file using a tabular user interface like that found in popular spreadsheet programs. What you need is Killink CSV Editor.

Killink CSV Editor is the spreadsheet editor for comma separated values, tab separated values, and other delimited value text files.


Killink CSV Editor is no longer available for purchase, but existing customers can continue using it. Just download and run the trial version, enter your license information into the editor, and continue using it for as long as you like.

Need Help?

Checkout the FAQ or the Online Documentation if you have questions.

What Our Customers Say

Thanks for a great product! It's saved me a lot of time and beats Excel for a lot of tasks.

Paul M.

Killink CSV is SO MUCH BETTER THAN EXCEL that it's saved us a whole bunch of time in the short time we've been using it.

Felt K.

I just wanted to say Killink CSV is a great piece of software, the work I do this program has saved me lots of time when using it. The GUI of the program is also very nicely layed out very easy to navigate with in the program. For the price that you charge is worth every penny keep up the great work.

Paul T.

My recommendation - Killink CSV Editor is simple yet powerful, easy to use, and a great value. Buy it today. You will be glad you did.

Steve C.