Killink CSV Editor

Easiest Way to Edit CSV and Delimited Text Files

Killink CSV Editor has been retired and licenses are no longer available for purchase. Looking for an alternative? Give Ron's Editor a try.

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What is Killink CSV?


Working with comma and tab delimited text files is not always an enjoyable experience especially when all you have is a text editor such as NotePad.  Data looks scattered, almost random like.  What you need is a way to view, edit, and print your delimited text file using a tabular user interface like the one found in spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel but without the high price tag typically associated with these types of programs.  What you need is Killink CSV.


Killink CSV is a spreadsheet editor for comma separated values, tab separated values, and other delimited value text files.  It is so easy to use that people who don't know what a delimited text file is can use it.  If you know how to use a spreadsheet then you know how to use Killink CSV


Killink CSV is the delimited text file editor for the people.



Key benefits:


Easy to use spreadsheet-like editor for comma, tab, and other delimited value text files.
View and edit multiple comma separated value and tab delimited text files at the same time.
Work with any single character delimited text file.  Killink CSV is not limited to comma and tab separated values delimited text files.
Convert your delimited text file from one delimiter type to another.
Print your delimited text files in a readable format.



Try Killink CSV, the delimited text file editor for the people, for 30 day risk FREE by downloading our full featured trial version today!



Key features:


Spreadsheet-like editor providing a tabular display of your delimited value text file.
Work with multiple files at the same time.
Work with any delimiter type, not just comma and tab delimiters.
Print delimited text files.
Built-in file explorer and most recently used list making it easier to find the delimited text files you work with most often.
Supports multiple versions of Microsoft Windows, from Windows 98 through Windows Vista.



Killink CSV comes with a 60-day no questions asked money back guarantee.  If for any reason you are unhappy with Killink CSV, send an email to and request a full refund.  Be sure to include your order number in the request for faster processing.



Upgrade policy:


Each licensed user is entitled to all minor version upgrades FREE of charge.  For example, a user who purchases a license for Version 1.0 will receive Version 1.1, Version 1.2, Version 1.3, and so on FREE of charge.  Major version upgrades can be purchased by licensed users at a discounted price.



Using Killink CSV

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