Labor Mate

Labor Mate

The Labor Contraction Stopwatch for the iPhone and iPod touch

Timing labor contractions has never been so easy. With Labor Mate, timing each contraction is as simple as touching a button. Tap the stopwatch button once to start the contraction timer and tab it again to stop the timer. As the contractions become longer and more frequent Labor Mate records the information for you and reports it back in an easy-to-read format so you can decide when it is time to call the doctor or head off to the hospital for delivery.

Labor Mate provides two screens for monitoring the contractions, a detail screen and an summary screen. The detail screen shows the duration of each contraction and the time between contractions. The summary screen shows the average duration of the contractions based on the last 3 contractions and the average time between contractions based on the last 6 contractions. This information helps you decide when it is time to call the doctor or head off to the hospital for delivery.

So what fun is buying an application when you can't take advantage of it right away? After all you are not going to buy Labor Mate the moment the contractions start. This is why Labor Mate includes a Due Date Countdown screen. Enter the expected due date and Labor Mate will show you how many weeks and days have passed as well as how much time remains.

  • Tap the timer anywhere to start and stop the contraction timer.
  • Contraction timer continues to run even if you switch applications or make/receive a phone call.
  • Track the duration of each contraction.
  • Track the time between contractions.
  • Displays date and time of the contraction.
  • Add notes to individually recorded contractions.
  • Delete unwanted recorded contractions without needing to start over.
  • Email the contraction log to family, friends, and healthcare providers.
  • Displays the average duration and frequency.
  • Shows how much time remains until the big day.



What Labor Mate Users are Saying...

"This is great it keeps an accurate record and gives us men something to do whilst the lady is in labour , even midwives liked it." -Christianm456
"Great app! I had my baby girl a couple of days ago -- without Labor Mate, I wouldnt of realized my contractions were becoming regular, fast and could plainly and easily see that things were progressing quick! Being my second baby, this app was way easier than writing the times down on paper or sitting at my laptop. Its also really great to be able to email the log for my records sake - very handy! I definately recommend Labor Mate." -TraceyH
"I started using the app, but of course ny husband ended up tracking everything as the night progressed. we were both SO pleased with your application keeping track at a time when we couldnt have focused on much! my husband made a point of showing off your app to our midwife and all the labor & delivery staff. thank you!" -kaijabatd
"We went into labor this night and the excel-sheet wasnt portable enough to bring to bed so I checked app store for a tool and found this. It worked perfectly while tracking contractions. Thank you for this. Best spent dollar for a long time." -Argeus
"Such a great app for such a great price. I kept track of my contractions religiously with this app and it never failed on me once. I emailed all my logs so i could print and keep for babys scrapbook. Thanks for the great app!" -SunkistHoney801
"I used this application to keep track of my contractions during the labor of my second child. It was great to have the ability to just push an onscreen button at the start and finish of each contraction and have the app keep track of the length and frequency of contractions. Since I was also watching my toddler daughter through early labor, it was really great to be able to just have the application document the labor and to also be able to exit and enter the application quickly so that I could make phone calls, check email and do other things during my 32+ hour labor. I really liked the large numbers on the clock; I was easily able to check it during a contraction and determine approximately how much longer it would last. It was handy to be able to email the contraction log as well. The one feature that I wished this app had is the ability to delete a contraction if you accidentally touched the onscreen button. Otherwise, it was very, very useful for me." -iPhoneMommy
"My wife and I used this app just this morning to assist in the delivery of our baby girl. It was great to measure the contractions and then send the data to our midwife. I would only recommend that an "Are you sure?" is added before deleting your data. Job well done!" -bjgarrison
"Does what it needed to do...nothing more, nothing less. It has a straight forward interface, is priced right, and was built by someone that listens to feedback to improve their product (always a plus!). Couple of suggestions (not sure if theyre good or not) would be the ability to be able to delete false contractions and have a way change the settings so that once you start the app, it starts the countdown. Let me know if these help or not. Thanks!" -s0n
"My wife is due any day, I just downloaded it as it seemed to have the best user interface of the others... Tested it and seems really good, was just complaining to my wife that I dont have a way to count seconds on my phone.... Two small suggestions: 1. would be nice to have a save feature though email also works 2. When I click reset it does not change the counter to 0 until I click start again... Really minor issue for a great app THANKS" -ChikkyMonkey