SMTP Diagnostics

SMTP Diagnostics has been retired and licenses are no longer available for purchase.

SMTP Diagnostics

SMTP Diagnostics is a simple mail program enabling you to troubleshoot problems with outgoing email and assist with configuring outgoing (SMTP) servers.

Author the test email. You specify the From and To addresses, the subject, and message body. And you can save your settings as a profile to be used later.

Test different security scenarios. SMTP Diagnostics gives you the flexibility to test different security scenarios including SMTP authentication and incoming server access before sending.

Need to see what is happening behind the scene? View and print protocol messages exchanged between your computer and the mail server.

Include file attachments to test server-side virus scanners.

Send test messages from a batch file or schedule tests to be run using the command line interface.

Order SMTP Diagnostics risk-free with our 60-day money back guarantee. If you are not ready to order, download the 30-day trial version and see how easy it is to test outgoing mail.


SMTP Diagnostics is no longer available for purchase, but existing customers can continue using it. Just download and run the trial version, enter your license information into the editor, and continue using it for as long as you like.