My name is Kirby Turner, and I help small businesses plan and build mobile solutions for iOS.

What if you could increase the odds of your app succeeding?

Hi, my name is Kirby Turner. I'm an independent mobile solution consultant who helps small businesses plan and build mobile solutions for iOS that delight their customers.

Unlike other mobile app developers, I have hands-on experience with product management and software development, which means I can help you define your mobile strategy and build the solution that is right for your customers.

I've worked on and delivered more than 45 mobile apps for companies big and small, from Antech Systems to Whole Foods Market. To learn more, take a look at these case studies from recent projects.

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Kirby can help you with

  • Strategic planning for your mobile app
  • Application design and architecture
  • Rapid application development
  • App Store, Enterprise, and Custom B2B deployments
  • On-going maintenance and support

Working with Kirby has been fantastic at every level. He’s an expert iOS developer, but he’s also great at design/UX and app strategy. I didn’t give him very detailed specs, so he asked great questions and then designed and implemented just the right app. He’s super-smart. I’d trust him with any iOS project and definitely want to hire him again.

Stefan Reitshamer

Working with Kirby has been more productive than I ever imagined. He is able to address technical issues quickly and efficiently freeing me up to work on other important business tasks. And his professionalism and attention to detail has made iCardSort a much better and more stable app making my users happier. I should have contacted him sooner.

Julio Barros
E-String Technologies, Inc.

Looking To Build An App?

Are you looking to build an app, and don't know how to get started? Do you need a partner who knows and understands the mobile space, and who can help increase your chances for success? I can help.

Get started today planning and building your next mobile app by sending me your email address. I'll reply with a few questions, then we can schedule your free consultation.

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In addition to mobile solution services, I provide the following products and apps:


Peak App Care

Protect your investment with app maintenance and monitoring

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Peak App Teardown

Detailed analysis and code review of your mobile app

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Cross Post

Fast and easy sharing across your social networks

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Labor Mate

Time your labor contractions with a tap of your finger

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Big Screen

See your camera's live video stream on your TV

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