My name is Kirby Turner and I help startups and small businesses build amazing apps for iOS

What If You Could Increase The Odds Of Your App Succeeding?

Hello. My name is Kirby Turner. I'm an independent software developer who helps startups and small businesses achieve their goals by turning great ideas into amazing mobile apps.

Unlike other mobile app developers, I go beyond just bringing your app idea to life. I work with you as your technology partner to help define your mobile strategy and make the best technology choices that meet the needs of your business and your budget.

I've worked on and delivered more than 45 iOS apps for companies across the globe. To learn about some of these apps, take a look at these case studies from recent projects.

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As Your Technology Partner

Building a succesful app requires more than just writing clean code. That's why you need someone who does more than just coding. You need a partner who can guide you and your business through the mobile technology landscape, and help you answer tough questions such as:

  • How do I build an app that fits within my budget?
  • How do I monetize my app? What business model should I use to sell my app?
  • How do I get my app into the hands of my customers? (The App Store isn’t your only option.)
  • Should my app target iOS only or both iOS and Android?
  • Should I build a native app or use another approach?
  • What should be included in the MVP version of my app? And what is an MVP anyways?
  • Will my app need a backend system? And if so, what technology stack best meets the needs of my app? And how and where do I host my app’s backend?
  • What needs to happen after customers start using my app? How do I support my customers and maintain my app? And how do I get more customers?

Working with Kirby has been fantastic at every level. He’s an expert iOS developer, but he’s also great at design/UX and app strategy. I didn’t give him very detailed specs, so he asked great questions and then designed and implemented just the right app. He’s super-smart. I’d trust him with any iOS project and definitely want to hire him again.

Stefan Reitshamer

Working with Kirby has been more productive than I ever imagined. He is able to address technical issues quickly and efficiently freeing me up to work on other important business tasks. And his professionalism and attention to detail has made iCardSort a much better and more stable app making my users happier. I should have contacted him sooner.

Julio Barros
E-String Technologies, Inc.

I always feel like you have my best interests at heart and I’m in capable hands. It is a big relieve to know someone is looking out for your best interests.

Joe Parker
Paker Wallace

Are you looking to build an app, and don't know how to get started? Do you need a partner who knows and understands the mobile space, and who can help increase your chances for success? I can help.

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